Posted by: nyomnyom | October 25, 2009

It’s not about me..!!

How I define my self? A friend asked me once about my self. Honestly, I don’t know. You tell me !!

I have many identities. I can be a woman, a wife, a student, a sister, a daughter, a Balinese, a Torajarese, an Indonesian, a world citizen, I can be anybody I want to. I can be nice, I can be rude.. or even being good and bad in the same time..according to you.
However, I do what I want to do, I go wherever I want to go.. I have freedom of choices, I have my free spirit. I love being different coz I do believe that a different world cannot created by indifferent person… I love being me !!

This blog is a journal of my journeys, some pieces of my experiences that I will share with…

By the end, it’s not about who am I but how and what can I learn..

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